Requirements: Outside the United States
Any organization found on the U.S. Office of Inspector General’s List of Excluded Individuals/Entities (OIG LEIE) or the General Services Administration Excluded Parties List System (GSA EPLS) will not be allowed to register or submit grant applications.

Registration requires submission of information about your organization including legal name, organization type, address and phone, primary contact name and email. In addition, you must upload the following documentation:
W8, on most current and appropriate form (organizations outside of the U.S.)

Grant Request
For each grant request, you must supply information about the type of request, therapeutic area of focus, program start/end date, program location, funds requested/total funds needed, accrediting provider and credit designation (if applicable), alternate contact and email. The following documentation may also be required:
Learning objectives, when applicable.
Program agenda and project timeline.
Detailed line item budget.
Event detail including start date, end date, geographic location and participant information.
Educational outcomes plan, interim and final, if requested (CME/CE only).
Lilly Anti-Corruption Due Diligence form (if requested for organizations outside the U.S.).