Areas of Focus: Outside the United States
As a commitment to improving patient care and providing valuable information to the medical and broader healthcare community, Lilly will accept the following grant requests:
Healthcare professional education (priority will be given to accredited programs)
Patient advocacy and Consumer education programs (e.g., disease-state education and awareness, screenings, etc.)

Funding may be requested in the form of support for an educational program, scientific awards, select fellowships, or charitable contributions. We do not provide unrestricted grants or grants to individuals or group practices. Lilly will not provide financial support for independent medical education that focuses on disease states that relate to potential new indications of Lilly marketed products. Please refer to the Educational Priorities and Funding Availability document located within the application process upon login.

The focus of the Lilly Grant Office (LGO) will be on healthcare-related CME/CE programs as well as patient education and advocacy in the following therapeutic areas:
Neuroscience - Migraine and Headache Disorders
Chronic pain associated with osteoarthritis and chronic low back pain – refer to our alliance information here.